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Jennifer and Jason Wedding Highlights

Here is a snippet of one of the sweetest weddings we have ever been a part of. Jennifer and Jason are such a beautiful couple inside & out. We are so pleased to have gotten to work with these two and so thankful that they loved their film and their overall experience. Enjoy, and it’s OK if you have the songs stuck in your head all day!

Patricia & Rosario - Cinematic trailer - Next Day Edit

We are so happy and excited to present you an Italian couple Patty & Rosario. When I first sat down with Patty and Rosario I was expected to come up with a dozen of video links from youtube as reference , a stack of papers with the wedding details , like most of the brides have for their wedding. Instead of that I was surprised that they didn”t have any special requirements for videography told me  : ” Just Do your thing ! – Use your imagination” ……and I did  “Si certo!”. Patricia & Rosario, your wedding was truly, perfectly, sweetly, beautiful. I am in love with this Trailer because not only is the couple just awesome but there is amazing scenery which translates to beautiful shots!! Congrats Patty and Rosario and “Matrimonio Felice”.  We wish you many years of love and laughter.Enjoy their Wedding Movie Trailer.

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Wedding Videography

The Videography Service will make your wedding album and DVD Slideshow one customized multimedia presentation. We document your story in a creative, cinematographic style. Give us your old family images, photos of you both as a couple throughout the years, video clips, old love letters, anything that can help us better tell your story. We weave those “digital jewels” into the final presentation of the wedding photography and cinematography, flashing back in time when the moment is just right. Since each wedding story is unique, each album and DVD we create is one of a kind, tailored to the needs of each client.

  • 3CCD Chip Cameras

Our Production services include the use of the latest 3CCD HD digital video cameras , Blu-ray™ mastering with flawless picture and dynamic sound.

  • HD Cinematic Experience

We have highly-trained videographers offering High Definition video of cinematic quality for your wedding. Our videographers are professional, creative and experienced.

  • Unobtrusive Videographer

Our artistic approach creates professional wedding videos captured in an unobtrusive way. Our professional wedding videographers keep a low profile as we capture every element of your day.

  • Video Is %50 Sound

We do provide professional sound recording for the entire wedding. The sound and the music are edited to suit your taste and style. The end result is a DVD mastered to Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound, allowing you to relive every laugh, every speech, and every moment of your day.

  • Fast turnaround

Once we have everything we need, we get busy creating your video. These music-driven videos show all of the special moments complete with sights and sounds.

  • Easy Payment Plan

Custom payment plans allow you to order the package you are interested in without worrying about large lump sum payments. Together we will create a payment plan that works for you!

  • Photo montage presentation

Make your wedding day even more memorable with a photo montage presentation at your reception. This video program features 75 photos of the bride and groom from childhood to their engagement with titles

  • Custom Menus and Chapters

Every DVD we offer comes complete with Custom Scene Selection, Custom Menus and Chapters, Custom DVD labels and Covers.

  • Wedding highlight film with music

Our editors select the most memorable and touching highlights of your wedding day and present them it a beautiful short form video. The video can be displayed on You Tube, Facebook, Vimeo.

If you are considering having both photography and video at your wedding, it may be advantageous to have it done by the same company.

  • It is one less company to coordinate with.
  • The photographer and videographer will not get in each others way at the wedding and will naturally work as a team to create cohesive results
  • You can incorporate many of your photos into your wedding video and DVD packaging. You will see some of the later in the wedding video sample. Your wedding means a lot to us and giving you the best results possible is what we aim towards. We realize you have a choice in hiring a wedding photographer and videographer and we thank you for giving us the opportunity to show you the quality of our work. Some of our packages come with a high-resolution digital DVD, so that you own the images. This means you can bring the DVD to a place like your local drug store or professional lab. Then, you can make as many prints for your family and friends as you like, which translates into a considerable savings to you!
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