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Anita & Kyle - The Wedding Reception

The Reception part of the South Asian Weddings is one of my favorite. This is always a great party. Read more

AnnaMaria & Joe Engagement Session

I met AnnaMaria and Joe one lovely Sunday in early November. I wasnt too sure what to expect from our engagement session and was keeping my fingers crossed for some nice weather. We were so lucky! Read more

Carly & Kevin Engagement

This is short Love Story that we film in Downtown Chicago, one very hot day  & had a blast scouting out several locations for our beautiful couple. It was so hot, we just had to head to water , but not as hot as these two made this session! We had a great time filming and hope you enjoy this.Was nice working with you again.

Rabia and Zain Cinematic Trailer

I had the privilege of filming this beautiful wedding with Rabia & Zain, along with both of their amazing families! They had us film their two day celebration of their love and their two families joining together.I always enjoy experiencing different places and different cultures and this wedding was exceptional!
This is a short trailer from their Saturday wedding celebration.
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Carly and Kevin wedding - photo session downtown Chicago

More customers ask us to post footage from the actual Bluray wedding video not just highlights. So here we go. This is a small segment extracted from the Bluray wedding disk with the shooting session happened between the ceremony and reception. While filming throughout the day, I kept saying to myself, “This is going to be a great video!” I am happy to say, I was right! More weddings coming soon

Theresa and Stanley Short

It was a beautiful day in Chicago for Theresa and Stanley wedding. I brought down the Chicago weather with me to the wedding. Congratulations to Theresa and Stanley on their wedding . Here’s one teaser for now:


Jay and Kay Wedding Highlights

One of the most exciting things about our job is getting to experience so many different cultures.We all know that a wedding day is full of emotions and happiness but also nervousness. Even though they were planning the wedding from long time ago. When we met Kay and Jay we knew their wedding would be a great story. It is amazing how we can connect with people’s feelings when we film their wedding day. It is so much positive energy and good vibration around that day. The following story is a good example of that. Congratulations guys and thanks for let us be part of  such important day in your life!!