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FAQ Videography

Sure! All we ask is that you notify us beforehand with the names of specific guests you would like us to interview. We then will approach the guests on the list you”ve provided in advance and ask them to consider what they might like to say on-camera. This gives them time to come up with something intelligent and hopefully witty to say. We don”t just walk up to someone and shove a microphone in their face. Generally, it is not our custom to interview guests unless a specific request is made.
Yes, there are some wedding venues that place too many restrictions on videography.  Please find out any such restrictions from your wedding venue and let us know as soon as possible.  Although it is rare, some venues restrict the use of tripods and have poor designated filming areas for videographers that make it almost impossible to produce a quality video.  We will refuse any wedding booking that has a venue with such rigid restrictions.  This is only because we take pride in our work and care about your end product.
We pride ourselves on being the best in the business and have specialized in wedding videos for the last ten years. We use the highest quality equipment available. We have extensive experience in the video industry, and we are trusted by more high profile clients than any other video provider in Chicago. Even so, we have tried to keep our prices affordable by not having an army of employes and multiple locations to force us to keep the prices high like other studios do. Perhaps the question should be: “Why are the other wedding videographers charging so much more?” But do not take our word for it. Ultimately, the work must speak for itself. Look at our blog video graphy, see what WE give you for the price we charge.
Your video will be completely unique, creatively produced just for you! In addition to the one-of-a-kind graphics we will provide on your documentary, it can also contain special music and photographs that you provide. We are not a production line for wedding videos. You are a unique couple and your wedding video will be unique too.
We don”t show up dressed in sweat pants or a safari outfit (yes, that has been known to happen). Rest assured that we will blend in with other guests. WE and my assistants take great pride in presenting ourselves with the utmost class, and if you have any special requests we will respect your wishes and happily comply with the dress code.
Yes, of course. We are happy to send you a DVD of our work. It will be an actual current documentary that is representative of what we really give a client – not some special “demo tape” that we”ve worked on for weeks just to get your business. If you call or e-mail us, please submit the details of your event. If we are not already booked for that date we will send you a package which includes a brochure and a sample DVD of our work.
Your wedding documentary will take approximately seven to ten business days to actually edit, so obviously it is just not practical for you to be involved on a day to day basis. However, we confer closely with you before the editing actually begins, going over various editing approaches and exchanging ideas.
Please contact the studio, and we can arrange a time to meet and discuss the options for your wedding day. Simply call or email us so that we can block out your date. A signed Wedding Agreement and deposit is required to officially secure the photography and Videography for your wedding day.
We know you are anxious to see the completed video, but it is a complex and lengthy process to produce the finished television documentary. The magic is in the editing room we spend from 7 to 10 full working days creating this special documentary with its own style of graphics, music and still images. If you want any special photos or music included we wait to get those from you before we start the editing process. Generally, though, we want to deliver your video within six to eight weeks of the wedding day.
Our philosophy is to work on the principle of quality vs. quantity. As each wedding is different, it is impossible to provide an exact length of the final program. As a guide, the average edited program generally runs anywhere from 35 minutes to an hour, sometimes more. Our goal is to create and entertaining wedding documentary that you will want to watch again and again. However, we will work closely with you to make sure you get what you want. Also, keep in mind that with any documentary package you will also get all the camera un-cut footage as well!
No. Our cameras are state of the art professional digital cameras and work very well with low light conditions. Only in extreme conditions will we need to use a small light, which will be unobtrusive. We want to capture your day in the best possible quality, and since some reception halls are very dim we may need to supplement the lighting a little, but if this is necessary it will be very discreet.
Don”t worry. We appreciate this is your special day. The last thing we want to do is make you and your guests feel any way uncomfortable. We are experts at being discrete, in fact you will hardly notice us during the day, and that”s how it should be. We document the events rather than directing them. Many couples have commented on how they didn”t even notice us on the day of their wedding.
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