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Amy & David Wedding Cinematic Trailer

Here’s a gorgeous we filmed at the WESTIN Hotel. As I predicted, the turned into one of the most amazing days of the year..I had a great time filming this couple and the footage is breath-taking. I hope you enjoy this film as much as I enjoyed working with Amy and David .Feel free to comment if you enjoy the film.. Tags: , , ,

Jennifer and Jason Wedding Highlights

Here is a snippet of one of the sweetest weddings we have ever been a part of. Jennifer and Jason are such a beautiful couple inside & out. We are so pleased to have gotten to work with these two and so thankful that they loved their film and their overall experience. Enjoy, and it’s OK if you have the songs stuck in your head all day! Tags: , ,

Carly & Kevin Engagement

This is Love Story that we film in Downtown , one very hot day  & had a blast scouting out several locations for our beautiful couple. It was so hot, we just had to head to water , but not as hot as these two made this session! We had a great time filming and hope you enjoy this.Was nice working with you again. Tags: , , , ,

Patricia & Rosario - Cinematic trailer - Next Day Edit

We are so happy and excited to present you an Italian couple Patty & Rosario. When I first sat down with Patty and Rosario I was expected to come up with a dozen of links from youtube as reference , a stack of papers with the details , like most of the brides have for their . Instead of that I was surprised that they didn”t have any special requirements for told me  : ” Just Do your thing ! – Use your imagination” ……and I did  “Si certo!”. Patricia & Rosario, your was truly, perfectly, sweetly, beautiful. I am in love with this because not only is the couple just awesome but there is amazing scenery which translates to beautiful shots!! Congrats Patty and Rosario and “Matrimonio Felice”.  We wish you many years of love and laughter.Enjoy their Movie Trailer. Tags: , , , ,

Rabia and Zain Cinematic Trailer

I had the privilege of filming this beautiful with Rabia & Zain, along with both of their amazing families! They had us film their two day celebration of their love and their two families joining together.I always enjoy experiencing different places and different cultures and this was exceptional!
This is a from their Saturday wedding celebration.
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Stacey and Steve Highlights

Hi Again This time we present a footage taken with our new small/medium  factor camera that we bought a few weeks ago for the mobility and stabilization . When I show up at the with my new medium size Canon  people start saying  “That is really small!” It really made me realize that after ten years in this business shooting with big high end cameras, we should not take for granted what we do and why we do it.  More and more videographers are now turning to the cameras. We did some tests with our camera and we amazingly  discovered that the image quality is ~98%  the same quality like the Canon 5D MarkIV because the sensors are pretty much identical. Some are even sticking the words “Wedding Films” in their company names to reflect their new-found appreciation for this wonderful tool and all of the possibilities it opens up to wedding and event filmmakers. SO about the wedding…. They make our job so easy during the wedding day. Stacey has a way of bringing out the best in couples during the . The bride and groom are always comfortable, smiling, and enjoying themselves. That not only makes for amazing photos, it also allows us to capture the personality of the couple on the .   Here is the footage Tags: , , , ,

Carly and Kevin wedding - photo session downtown Chicago

More customers ask us to post footage from the actual not just . So here we go. This is a small segment extracted from the Bluray disk with the shooting session happened between the and reception. While filming throughout the day, I kept saying to myself, “This is going to be a great video!” I am happy to say, I was right! More weddings coming soon Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,

Theresa and Stanley Short

It was a beautiful day in for Theresa and Stanley . I brought down the weather with me to the wedding. Congratulations to Theresa and Stanley on their wedding . Here’s one teaser for now:

          Tags: , , , ,

Jay and Kay Wedding Highlights

One of the most exciting things about our job is getting to experience so many different cultures.We all know that a day is full of emotions and happiness but also nervousness. Even though they were planning the from long time ago. When we met Kay and Jay we knew their would be a great story. It is amazing how we can connect with people’s feelings when we film their day. It is so much positive energy and good vibration around that day. The following story is a good example of that. Congratulations guys and thanks for let us be part of  such important day in your life!!   Tags: , , , , ,

Amy and Raoul

After the first meeting with them , I knew I was about to experience something beautiful. The kindness and sincerity that flow from both Amy and Raul individually is incredible, with the two of them together, it is truly AWEsome.  The love between them and from their friends and family is so powerful I literally was buzzing when I left the . And what a it was! The post production and editing took more than a month. We shoot with 2 cameras and the whole was edited to look like a Hollywood production. More samples upon request             Tags: , , , , , , ,
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