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Album Design Informations

The goal of the album design process is to combine our creative vision of your wedding day with your ideas of how you want your selected images displayed. The process works in a few steps:

 Initial Design –

After we receive your Album Order Form and your Album Images, we will design a rough draft of your album and send over a copy for you to review.

 Major Revision –

When you receive this draft, please review this in detail with the understanding that this is our creative interpretation of the story of your wedding day. You are free to make image and layout changes. To communicate your changes, we can either discuss the changes over the phone, or we can communicate via email. In any case, we ask that you have your exact changes (image numbers, layout changes, etc) in your notes before the discussion.

 Minor Revision

– After these changes are communicated, we will redesign the album and send over a second draft. You are then free to make image changes; however, any layout changes may result in additional fees.


– After these revisions are made, the album is sent to the printers.

If you have any questions during this process, please contact us.